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Black Shearling Jacket

Coats and Jackets

Aevias Leather is proud to offer high-quality leather coats and jackets. If you’re looking for a durable coat that will last you many winters, we have what you’re looking for! All of our coats and jackets are made from the highest quality leather we can find. And just like any other Aeviasleather product, your new coat or jacket comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if it’s not perfect!

So browse through our selection of stylish and comfortable winter wear today, and get ready to enjoy winter in style this season!

You can buy leather Coats and Jackets from Aevias Leather with free shipping.

Aevias Leather is proud to offer a wide range of high-quality leather Coats and Jackets. If you’re looking for durable coats and jackets that will last you many years, we have what you’re looking for! All of our jackets and coat are made from the highest quality leather we can find.

Leather Coats and Jackets

Title: Leather Coats and Jackets from Aeviasleather

One of the most popular items in a man’s wardrobe is a leather coat. It comes in a variety of colours and designs. This article will take you through the different types, what to look for when buying one, and why it may be worth investing in a quality leather coat. Leather coats are timelessly stylish and comfortable that you can wear year-round with ease. They don’t need much care either so they’re hassle-free to maintain. Just be sure to have them cleaned regularly so they retain their natural sheen finish!

Design: You can choose from many colour options and finishes for your leather coat. They come in black, brown, grey and even red. Although you can buy them in plain colours if you like, they also come with embroidered designs that make them look more attractive. There are also many different types of jackets available that can be worn almost anywhere like on a casual day out to the city. These include jackets with zip-up details and padded shoulders too if you’re looking for something tougher to keep out the cold!

Size: Your leather coat will fit most people at a size small or medium so it’s very easy to get a good fit here.

Ladies Winter Coats

Women Fashion Leather Long Coat lady looking on the road
Women Leather Long Coat

We know winter is a harsh mistress and we want to serve her with style. But sometimes, we just need a coat for those days when we can’t seem to find anything stylish or warm enough in stores and the only option seems to be wearing our thickest, most insulated jackets. Well, ladies’ winter coats are here with some very cool new styles that keep you warm without looking bulky! There’s literally no excuse anymore!

Here’s why these coats are such a good idea:

They’re fashionable: From sleek shearling jackets, vintage-inspired mink looks, and colorful faux fur styles; these coats will literally change your winter outfits from drab and boring to bright and lovely.

Men Over Coat

Men Classic Over Coat
Men Over Coat

A men’s overcoat is a garment worn as the outermost layer to provide warmth and protection from the weather. It consists of a skirt that hangs from just below the waist to just above or nearly touching the ground and a bodice that covers and fastens in front and often has cartridge pleats at the back.

An overcoat should be thick enough so as not to show other layers. Coat size is thus usually larger than suit size; if an overcoat fits “tightly”, it should be made larger, as anything closer fitting will look like a suit jacket under an overcoat (and may show too much shoulder).